Stålprisindex-diagram hjälper er att hålla er uppdaterade och se den historiska och globala stålprisutvecklingen. Vill ni ha tillgång till ytterligare data för att få unika insikter om stålprisindex, priser, prognoser och produktionstreden världen över? Med Prognos kan ni få tillgång till de kostnadsdata just ni behöver!

Steel Price Index Chart

Price development

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Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and has great strength and fracture resistance. Steel is one of the world’s most important materials due to its high tensile strength and low price. It is also one of the world’s most-recycled materials with a global recycling rate of over 60% due to it being very easy to recycle and possesses the properties to be infinitely recycled.

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The Prognos System gathers data from multiple sources to give you up to data in one place. Access the steel price index charts and cost data you need to stay up to date and gain unique insights into steel indices, prices, forecasts, and production trends. Prepare your fact-based negotiations with Prognos to get the most out of your suppliers, with data tailored for your specific situation.


Steel is used within pretty much every aspect of our lives; cars, construction products, refrigerators, washing machines, cargo ships, and surgical scalpels. It is primarily used within the following industries:

  • Buildings & infrastructure
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Automotive & transport
  • Domestic appliances
  • Electrical equipment
  • Security and Defense

Steel Indices - Updates

MPI Basic iron, steel & ferro-alloys
Decreased by 4.02% in Aug 2022 compared to Jul 2022.
Increased by 20.14% in Aug 2022 compared to Aug 2021.

MPI HR steel sheet & strip
Increased by 4.17% in Jul 2022 compared to Jun 2022.
Increased by 13.78% in Jul 2022 compared to Jul 2021.