Prepare your fact-based negotiations with Prognos purchasing cost analysis

Strengthen your negotiation preparation and decrease your purchasing cost by using cost data tailored by Prognos MKA AB to suit your specific need.
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Prognos Tailored

Prognos Tailored gives you access to interactive, continuously updated, purchasing cost analysis reports, where you can drill down in your materials, compare the cost development to your own price development, export the graphs, or export the underlying data for further analysis. The reports are customized for you by Prognos, leaving you to focus on your purchasing negotiation strategies and not on finding the data.

Should Cost Trackers

The Should Cost Tracker keeps the strategic purchaser updated on all key cost changes at your main suppliers and products. Our Prognos experts analyse the cost structure of your product and delivers a tailored report with indices for all included cost drivers.


Selected Indices

Our experts select indices that are important for your products, suppliers and organisation from our database with over eight thousand indices.

Country Focus

Understand your key supplier markets. Get data on cost drivers like labour costs, currency and manufacturing costs and other general economic indicators regarding a certain supplier country.

Prognos Online

With Prognos Online you get access to over 8 000 indices on raw materials, components, wages and currencies in an interactive online tool providing an overview of all components affecting your purchasing cost.

Prognos Tablet

What our customers say

Anyone who works with purchasing knows that it’s crucial to be well informed and up to date in preparation of price negotiations. For the buyer, it’s essential to have access to the reliable unbiased facts. Prognos MKA AB has since 1983 made it is easy to be prepared for fact-based negotiations. We help you to always be up to date with our purchasing cost analysis. We provide our customers with an ace up their sleeve in negotiations.

The Prognos data platform is a ‘one stop shop‘

The Prognos data is systematically gathered from multiple sources to give you up to date data in one place. Prognos gather 8 000 time series from sources around the globe and add our own unique Prognos time series to create the most complete database for purchasers there is.

Raw Materials

Raw material costs from all over the globe. Obtained from multiple sources and combined into one central source.

Overhead Costs

Overhead cost models including labour, equipment, capital costs and real estate.

Tax & Transport

Transportation rates and taxation tariffs gathered from official sources.

Labour Costs

Labour costs from different sectors in different countries over time.


Currency data enabling you to view all transactions in different currencies to include currency effects.

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