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Prevent unreasonable price increases, gain a more knowledgeable procurement organization, and ensure fairer prices in the long run. Prognos’ Negotiation Support ensures the best outcomes during price negotiations with suppliers. We empower you with data-driven insights, expert guidance, and confidence to secure fair contracts.

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What Negotiation Support do you need?

Coaching (included in an SCT)

Prognos’ experts support and coach your procurement team, providing them with knowledge and data-driven insights to be able to perform fact-based negotiations. We help identify counterarguments to the supplier’s claims based on our extensive market data for you to bring to the negotiating table. This service includes a one-hour meeting with your team to discuss and practice presenting the arguments.
Our coaching negotiation support boosts your confidence and market understanding, enabling you to negotiate effectively on your own and reject unreasonable price increases. You gain a better understanding of the market, ensuring you are well-prepared and confident during negotiations.

Project management support

In addition to coaching, our experts are more involved in the negotiation process. We participate in preparatory meetings and discussions with suppliers, acting as a third party. While we do not lead the negotiations, we work closely with your negotiation team until a satisfactory price is agreed upon.
Our Project Management Support provides additional assistance, ensuring even greater confidence and successful outcomes by having Prognos’ experts present throughout the purchasing project.

Purchasing project lead

With Purchasing Project Lead, we take full responsibility for the procurement negotiation. We handle all aspects of the negotiation process, including market analysis, supplier identification and comparison, coordination of resources (data collection, etc.) and supplier quotes, as well as contract finalization.
As your representative, Prognos ensures the best possible outcome for your organization. Our negotiation support helps you achieve better results and reduce purchasing costs. With Prognos handling the heavy lifting, your internal resources can focus on other important tasks.


Procurement support with Prognos

Our long-standing experience in procurement projects, access to valuable market indices, and commitment to delivering fact-based arguments make Prognos the ideal partner for your price negotiations with suppliers.

With Prognos procurement support, you can:

  • Prevent unjustified price increases
  • Develop a more knowledgeable procurement organization
  • Secure long-term fair pricing through effective negotiations

Get the most out of your negotiations with Prognos and secure fair contracts for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our Negotiation Support services and how they can benefit your business.

Jacob Mannheimer, CEO | Prognos MKA AB

Frequently asked questions

What is negotiation support?

Negotiation support refers to professional services designed to help individuals or organizations prepare for and navigate the process of negotiating agreements with others. Negotiation support services can include a range of activities, such as coaching, strategy development, research and analysis, and representation in negotiations.

Why might I need negotiation support services?

You might need negotiation support services if you are involved in a negotiation that is particularly complex, high-stakes, or contentious. Negotiation support services can help you develop a clear strategy for achieving your goals, anticipate potential challenges or roadblocks, and build your confidence and skills as a negotiator. They can also provide valuable insights and perspectives that you might not have access to on your own.

What are the potential benefits of using negotiation support services?

The potential benefits of using negotiation support services include:


  • Increased confidence and competence as a negotiator
  • Greater clarity and focus in your negotiation strategy
  • Enhanced understanding of the interests, priorities, and motivations of the other party
  • Access to specialized expertise or insights that can improve your negotiation outcomes
  • Improved communication and relationship-building skills that can benefit you in future negotiations


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A few days after I received your model I renegotiated the prices with my main supplier. I received a price reduction of 15%, which wouldn’t be possible without this support.

Category Manager

By using Prognos’ Should Cost Tracker I renegotiated 5 frame agreements which led to a 5% cost reduction within my category.

Category Manager

After our previous supplier wouldn’t adjust their prices according to indications from our models from Prognos, we made the decision to look for a new supplier. The funny thing is that the new prices, after the sourcing project, were exactly in line with what Prognos models suggested. This saved us about 20% within this major category.

Purchasing Manager

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Jacob Mannheimer, CEO | Prognos MKA AB
Jacob Mannheimer

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