Base Metal Price Index

Commodity base metal index chart - stay up to date and see historical base metal price index development. Want access to additional data to gain unique insights into base metal indices, prices, forecasts, and production trends worldwide? Gain access to the cost data you need from Prognos.

Metal Price Index Chart

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Base metals are non-ferrous metals including copper, aluminium, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc. Base metals are used widely in manufacturing industrial and consumer products. Base metals prices drive impactful decisions within most manufacturing organisations and thus the demand keeps increasing.

For popular metals, many markets offer futures and options contracts that allow market participants to reduce potential volatility in the metal market price of their supply. Our comprehensive set of commodity base metal indexes provides opportunities to mitigate the risk involved in the base metals markets and negotiations.

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The Prognos System gathers data from multiple sources to give you up to data in one place. Access the base metal price index charts and cost data you need to stay up to date and gain unique insights into base metal indices, prices, forecasts, and production trends. Prepare your fact-based negotiations with Prognos to get the most out of your suppliers, with data tailored for your specific situation.

Metal Price Development

MPI Basic metals
Decreased by 2.02% in Jul 2023 compared to Jun 2023.
Decreased by 12.11% in Jul 2023 compared to Jul 2022.