Energy Price Index

Global energy price index chart - stay up to date and see historical energy price development. Want access to additional data to gain unique insights into energy indices, prices, forecasts, and wage trends worldwide? Gain access to the energy commodity price indexes and data you need from Prognos.

Energy Price Index Chart

Price development

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The Prognos System gathers data from multiple sources to give you up to data in one place. Access the energy commodity price index charts and cost data you need to stay up to date and gain unique insights into energy indices, prices, forecasts, and trends. Prepare your fact-based negotiations with Prognos to get the most out of your suppliers, with global energy price indexes and data tailored for your specific situation.

About Energy Prices

Energy prices are a significant part of domestic expenditures, play an important role in industrial competitiveness and affect energy consumption patterns. The Energy prices data contains end-use energy prices for selected products and sectors for over one hundred countries in the world.

Energy Price Development

Decreased by 0.68% in May 2024 compared to Apr 2024.
Decreased by 2.13% in May 2024 compared to May 2023.