Jacob Mannheimer, now partner at Prognos and Management Consultant. Background as Purchasing Manager, with experience from ABS Group, Berendsen TextileService, SKF among others.

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" Anyone who works with purchasing knows that it's crucial to be well informed and up-to-date in preparation of price negotiations. For the buyer, it's essential to have access to the facts. Hard facts.

I use the Prognos system to keep up with reality, all the way from price trends for various raw materials and processing costs (wages / salaries, overheads) to exchange rates and interest rate fluctuations.

A tool that's easy to understand and simple to use and that gives me a reliable basis for decisions.

I can prepare my negotiations in advance to be perfectly prepared.

And since it's possible to simulate different development scenarios, I can see how price trends are affected by a range of indirect factors such as inflation, interest rates and the relation between the US dollar and the price of oil and other commodities priced in USD.

With the Prognos system, I have a grasp on all the market factors that affect every price negotiation."

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